To Guggenheim or not to Guggenheim

Spooky spider

We headed off to Bilbao excited at the thought of some culture. Train arrived on time, was clean and new, a far cry from the cattle truck ride on First Worst from Bristle to Wessun. We splashed out and caught a taxi to the Guggenheim museum, excitedly chatting away to the taxi driver, who in turn was excitedly talking back to us. He kept mentioning restaurants and pizzerias, we thought he was just being helpful. That was until he dropped us off outside the museum and disappeared and we discovered that as it was Monday it was SHUT!! He must have thought – Stupid English. Which I was cos I didn’t read the blurb properly. Still we had a good look from the outside and went off in search of a Head shop instead for a different type of culture.

One thought on “To Guggenheim or not to Guggenheim

  1. We did exactly the same thing in Florence, turned up to visit the statue of David on a Monday. Closed! They obviously ‘don’t like Mondays’! Lots of love to you both. Loving your posts xxxx


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