Welcome to Spain or is it Euskadi?

For the first time we took the Toll roads to get us passed the big cities of Biarritz (France) and San Sebastian (Spain). It was a challenge using the toll booths as I had to almost climb out of the window to reach the payment point whilst trying to work out where / how to do if contactless style / cash, then get back in and move off before the barrier comes back down. Some you paid on the main toll, others when you were on the slipway to the next road.

We were practising all the key Spanish phrases we thought we’d need – No hablo español, when actually we needed to say – Ez dakit euskaraz because the main language is Euskara. As you can see no similarities!!

We stopped and picked a point on the coast and using trusty SearchforSites aimed for a campsite in Matrika. Looks simple on the map, but there was a fairly quick introduction to the vagaries of their roads – up down round and round, hairpins here there and everywhere. Narrow roads that even made Shar squeak a couple of times, but we made it to the campsite in 2nd gear and in one piece.

It was time for a clean out of French sand, cheese, wine etc and everyone had a wash. Time for a rest before more exploration

One thought on “Welcome to Spain or is it Euskadi?

  1. It’s really lovely to read about your adventures and, to see the places you’re visiting.
    I didn’t realise that the Basque language was so different – I found that I could get by in Spanish, having a limited amount of French.
    Watch out for the Elephant Birds! Maybe you should reinforce the roof before they return to the nest 😁
    Love to you both xx


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