My mates on the hill

We stayed at Carvahal beach for 3 nights and saw the most unexpected of things and made new friends. Firstly on a walk we veered off the coast path to find Ostrichs, Llamas, Zebras, Bison and Deer all in the same enclosure, in what appeared to be a mini zoo.

Every morning we were there, one particular Stag would appear at the crest of the hill and call out to me (and only me obviously). As I am fluent in chicken, dog and cat, I thought I’d try my hand at Deer. Sure enough Vinnie (as I had now named him after the Costa Vincenta) responded and we soon had a good conversation going. I decided to get closer and take a few piccies, which did not come out as well as I expected. This was mainly due to a huge spider crawling out of the sleeve of my hoody as I was trying to take the photos. I think the whole of Portugal heard me scream! I’m just glad no-one could see me frantically pull my clothes off checking for more spiders – I’m hoping the spider was more frightened than me because I didn’t see it again!

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