Where does the time go?

Beautiful Budens

Wow, time flies… back at the end of September I took on our first piece of work as InCahoots.Tech. This was to create a website for Hypnotherapist Mike Wilson, and was an opportunity for me to try out my Principles of design. It also gave me the chance to go for a jolly across the border to Spain to Ayamonte. I stayed within a gated community and met with Mike and his lovely wife Heath to carry out some knowledge elicitation, drink Sangria and eat Paella. Heath also cooked a delicious Apple Crumble, which was amazing as I haven’t had crumble since goodness knows when.

Whilst there, Gurty and myself were the object of much interest from the local residents, obviously jealous that they didn’t have a gorgeous Hymer and they loved to hang around her and chat whhen out with their dogs. Seems like everyone knew I was there, especially the local policeman said to me “I know what time you arrived!”

After 3 days of meetings , and behaving myself it was time to go. Especially as there were rumours of the borders closing between Portugal and Spain so I pootled back to the tranquillity of beautiful Burgau, as fast as Gurty would take me. Mikes site has now gone live http://www.thehypnocst.com

I have also been busy in plenty of other ways, volunteering at the Dog rescue charity shop and walking up to 6 dogs every Sunday morning. I then take the rest of the week off! See below for a quick update on what else I have been up to.

  • Preparing Jutta’s land for the coming winter, as the rain is coming and with it almighty thunderstorms. Tucked up safely in Gurty the lightshow through the skylight is amazing, but sleep is another issue when you have the rain beating down on the roof 6 inches above your head!
  • Walking the Dogs at Cadela Dog Rescue, I’ve fallen for a German Shepherd rescue called Max, but am resisting his charms. The best I can do is to walk him regularly and give him love. I am working with Cadela to find him his forever home
  • Chasing up Residency – difficult in these times as everything is by appointment. The latest situation is I need to find 2 Portuguese citizens to give a testimony on my behalf. THe problem is they must come from within the parish of Budens which is equivalent in size to say Pill!
  • Getting Gurty through her Portuguese inspection – she passed with flying colours!! It was terrifying watching her be put through her paces, being shaken, rattled and rolled onto the massive conveyor belt.
  • Trying to make sense of the Portuguese lockdown laws. If you are a Portuguese citizen they are:
    • Curfew Mon-Fri 11pm to 5am
    • Curfew Sat and Sun 1pm to 5am
    • No leaving the parish
    • Bars & restaurants closed
  • If you are a non-resident none of the above applies and you can go wherever you want, whenever you want – don’t ask me I didn’t make the rules!

2 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you like Ayamonte. We have stayed south of there at Isla Canela several times and further into Spain at Islantilla and El Rompido. Well done with setting up the new web site!


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