Things I learnt in France

The random things I find in Gurty’s cupboards

We ended up staying nearly a month in France and I learnt the following:

  • My school girl french is as bad a I thought it was, but people were patient and always had a smile when you tried to say something, even if it was nothing to do with what you meant to ask.
  • Savage fun means something much tamer in France than the UK, as does Greasy surfers – so tame.
  • Motorhomers of a certain age bracket like everything parked straight and preferable on chocks, even if the ground is flat
    • Outfits are always: women wear stripes and the men wear checks
    • It is the woman’s job to direct the reversing of said vehicle, and always whilst standing in the drivers blindspot
  • Parrots pick up new words quite quickly and not usually the ones you want
  • I love vegetables – meat is a treat but not needed every day, but chocolate definitely is.
  • Finally I developed a new branch of yoga called HakiaYoga, this involves combining the world’s best hakas with some lovely Yoga with Adriene and you get a new way to keep others from parking too close to Gurty when you practice your new technique and is a great stressbuster!

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