Au revoir mon petit pois

Every girl needs a unicorn that burps flowers, poos rubies and farts hearts

Bidding a fond farewell to the Dordogne as stormy rainclouds were gathering, it was time to follow the sun back to the coast via a cute little village called Capiteaux for 2 nights RnR by the river.

We pitched up at a free Aire by the river which was a local youth hangout – first sign of any teenage ill behaviour which was refreshing to see!

We finally arrived at a remote beach location between Moliets-et-Maa and Vieux-Boucau-les Bains for a couple of days sublime and ridiculous.

The sublime was the beautiful surfers – sorry surf and the ridiculous was the misdemeanours happening in the woods at the other end of the car park. Why do some men love cottaging so?!!

Things were getting weird, which gave us the push we needed to get to the border and over into Espagne and the Basque region.

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