Whoop Whoop, this is the sound of the Police

He’s got his Woo Woo’s on!

After my self-induced chemical peel, I needed to visit the 10 euro Spa to sloth the last bit of my skin. I felt like a reptile shedding a complete skin. We decided to try a new park up on the edge of Portimao by Praia da Rocha and parked up the night before to be in the Spa as early as possible.

Coming out of the track in the morning, we discovered it was barricaded off and the Portimao fun run was in full flow. After a while a Police motorcyclist came down to us and instructed us to follow him onto the the race course to the next junction. We duly obliged and had a police escort with full woo woos – great fun.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, the next day we went for a walk along the coastpath and found an Adonis of a soldier in distress. The poor lad was wheeling his bike along a treacherous path, with a puncture about a kilometre away from the road. As good citizens, we offered him use of my airpump and he followed us back to the van. Nu Nu was his name and he definitely brightened our day. He thought we were supercool and took loads of photos of Gurty, whilst ringing his girlfriend to tell her he had met us. Not sure she was impressed as he was! In the end, we offered him a lift back to his apartment and in return he gave us a photo to remind us of him, needless to say it takes pride of place on Gurty’s dash.

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