Greasy surfers and full moon stones magick

We stayed for a week at Erdoven which gave me a chance to try out the Velo Verde (cycleways) while waiting for the ‘fun’ to begin. One night we stayed at the Municipal Aire, which was on the sand dunes, the rest we parked up by the beach to watch the world go by

Over the weekend there were a number of bands playing, some good, some not so good, but all fun was finished by 8pm. Think they have a different meaning to us of what ‘Savage Fun’ means!

Leaving Kerhillo beach with a heavy heart – well it started raining so time to move, we headed towards Carnac for some mystical megaliths. We arrived for a full moon on Friday 13th, as if we knew how magical it would be. There was a temptation to dance naked round the stones, but I managed to stop myself!

Shar’s fave stone
All lined up – but what does it mean?!
I think therefore I am
I see you
Stoned Love Island
As far as the eye can see
All in alignment
Stones in all directions
As the night draws in
Gurty in her natural environment
Magical woods
What a wonderful night for a Moondance
Dancing in the moonlight, everything is warm and bright

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