Turn up the Gas

We drove into Portugal, checking the weather report and decided to start below Lisbon and bimble our way down. Being as we are now bimble experts, we picked up the map and picked Sines as our starting point.

Imagine our horror when we turned a corner and saw the sight below – a full on oil refinery with massive ships going in and out all day and all of the night. It gave some perspective to the destruction we have caused to our beautiful planet, in the name of so called progress.

Image result for sines portugal petrochemical
One way..

We drove past the refinery, leaving it behind us and continued heading South, until we found a parking spot for the night. Time for an explore and this is what we found.

Or another!

Waking up in the morning we both felt as if we had been gassed, the refinery was only 7km away and when the wind changed – boy was it smelly. Time to keep on moving, down the West coast of Portugal through the region of Alentejo.

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