Bimble to Savage Fun

Stopping at a local Boulangerie for the our daily pain au chocolat we picked up a leaflet, that had our name all over it…

Savage Fun!!!!

So we headed off in the direction of to Erdeven, obviously taking our time as we had just over 2 weeks to get there – no rush then. Following the coastline and the surfers we stopped at Plozevet, an amazing long beach where we made our first friend. We lent them a pan and they returned the favour in tomatoes and a lovely note.

With love in our hearts we moved on the the arty town of Pont-Aven, parking up in the local Aire. We have worked out, either wild camp with all the young dudes or use the official Aires to visit the old people’s home. Lots of serious chocking and straightening up involved. Generally the women get out to direct their partners into the space. Lots of tooing and froing and then the chocks and spirit levels come out. Too restrictive for our freestyle behaviour, and funnily enough no-one wanted to park too close to us. Too much laughter and cackling maybe?!

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