Brittany delights

Straight off the ferry at 8am with no time for coffee and no plan we headed South. Heading away from the Port the only idea was to avoid anything that looked like a big city. I needed to get used to driving on the right (?!) side of the road. Gurty gurgled along, happy for the re-alignment. Now my worry was kerbs not gutters, and french road signs, oh and junctions and let’s not even go there with roundabouts.

At the first opportunity I pulled over in lay by for a power nap and then coffee, phew no major incidents! We stopped at the first biggish town we saw with a sign for Motorhome parking – Sizun. We wondered into the Tourist Information Centre, to the bemusement of the lady working there, and we all tried out our school girl knowledge of each others language. Eventually we walked away with a map of the Region, which shows the meandering route taken.

Next decision, where to stop for the night. Grateful for Sally SatNav we headed to off to the nearest peninsula with the sun shining and the roads winding opening up vistas and endless possibilities.

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