Let’s go to spain Spain

Castle Arteaga reveals itself

It was time to drag ourselves of of the Basque country to experience Spain as we know it. We left with a heavy heart, but so much richer for the experience. On the way out we stopped for our routine of clean and swill at Arteaga and found some amazing artwork and vegetables – and we really really love vegetables!

After our last attempt at culture, more reading was required and we headed off to Comillas:

The town of Comillas is one of the northern Spanish region of Cantabria’s most symbolic places and one of its most interesting from an architectural point of view.

It has some of the most important Art Nouveau buildings in Cantabria, which include Sobrellano Palace Chapel and the Pantheon, the Pontifical University and, of course, the brilliant El Capricho by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Checking our trusty app we headed once again for the beach and a few days of culture. I do love a bit of Gaudi…

4 thoughts on “Let’s go to spain Spain

  1. Jinx! Just been watching ‘the most scenic railways in the world’ northern spain this week. Just seen the gaudi designed house. Did you go to the cathedral beach – looked amazing. All very inspiring. You are having the experience of a lifetime xxxx


  2. Lovin’ the pictures! Gaudi is to architecture what CGI is to fantasy films and, Lewis Carrol is to fiction.

    Also, would love to cook with those veggies 😁


    1. Hi there, to be honest we havent met many people on the way yet, as haven’t stayed anywhere long enough. Rest assured we smile and say hello to whomever we come across, and sometimes they smile back and say hi too! Hard to remember which country and therefore which greeting we should be using though 😊😊


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