Things I’ve learnt in Portugal (so far)

Whose the best on the block then?
  • Be sure you understand how to use the Tumble driers at the local InterMarche or your slippers may come out smaller than when they went in. Accidentally programmed it for 80 mins – I think everything was a size smaller when it came out – apart from the queue of people waiting to use it – oops
  • Make sure when you air your bed that you have removed all items underneath it before going to bed. Sleeping on a head torch is not the way forward for happy knees.
  • Beware of sequins, they look so sparkly and pretty, but in secret they are skin slashers. I upcycled an old bag and shortened the strap which had sequins on it. Wore it for one day until Shar screeched – WTF look at your neck. Looked like I’d had an argument with myself. I was not allowed out in public without a scarf on until it healed!
  • Shower gel is not moisturiser, but it can be effective as a facial chemical peel. Bought what I thought was moisturiser and was liberally applying it until my face got drier and redder. Shar told me the error of my ways and after 3 days of face peeling and remoisturising with good old faithful Nivea, I now have a new face – 10 years younger!
  • I think the moral is – I need to slow down even more!!
Minding our own business and this lot showed up in our garden!

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