Bimbling around

Gurty in her natural environment

In the last couple of weeks, we have become experts in doing nothing. Feeling at home around the Budens area we have been meandering back and forth between our favourite places:

  • Salema
  • Boco de Rio
  • Lagos
  • Cabanas Velhas

Our twitching abilities have reached new heights and Gurty is the perfect hide. We have amazing times watching all our feathered friends, only to watch them all disappear the moment the lens louts turn up stomping through the grass in their bright red hoodies and luminous crocs. Twitchers go and the birds all come back to continue our show – magic.

We decided Gurty needed a battery top up run and thought we’d head to somewhere new, Praia de Luz. A massive 11 km up the coast we dipsy-doodled. We’ve been to Luz about 7 years ago with the fam and had very fond memories. Last time we stayed in a posh house with a posh price, this time we parked up on the lane almost directly outside and enjoyed the same views for free. Though admittedly the facilities were a bit further away!

Next stop Lagos for food top up and to look for some bits for Gurty.

One thought on “Bimbling around

  1. All of your pictures make me sigh…in a good way. It’s gigglesome to think of the birds watching the birds. XX


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