Portimaio pampering

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After a 3 or 4 days we were perusing the local events calendar we found a ‘Happy Hour’ spa session for 10 euros at a 5* hotel in the upmarket seaside resort of Portimao. Giving each other a bit of a sniff over, we agreed a wash would be amazing, a thorough slough, even better, so off we headed. We parked up in the middle of town, much to the amusement of the local police who gave us a friendly wave, whilst watching my driving abilities in tight spaces i.e. I didn’t scratch their car whilst driving into the designated space, (well one and half spaces then!)

Spa Happy hour

Once steam cleaned and gleaming we headed out for an ‘All you can Eat’ buffet at a local Portuguese restaurant, its hard work relaxing you know. Back to Gurty and back to Selema for a well earned rest.

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