A tale of three beaches

Image result for egrets
Boco de Rio – Twitcher’s heaven
Image result for mad max car
Borraca – hippie Armageddon
Image result for salem
Fishing village Salema – just called Salem cos black cats every where you looked

We first headed to Boco de Rio a windswept beach where we practised our hill climbing and bird watching skills. We had the most amazing views from Gurty of so many birds, most we didn’t have a clue what their official titles were so we made our own names up:

  • Egrets – I have a few, but then again…
  • Waggy tail orange beak oojamiflip
  • Fuck me that’s a bloody big eagle type thingy
  • Heron disguised as a peacock (hiding in reeds)
  • Lesser spotted twitcher – big camera lens and socks with crocs!

Next we thought we’d be a bit more adventurous and look for the so called hippy beach – Barranco. Well it was certainly an education. First we got lost on the track and turned off onto what turned out to be the coastal footpath. Luckily we stopped to re-assess the situation, because we saw a Swiss guy trying to push his car back the other way with the rear wheel hanging off. Next path took us 3 km down boneshaker alley to the beach.

Arriving there it was a bit like walking into a 60’s acid party – hippies to the left, lost-its to the right and not sure quite what was going on in the middle. We stayed one night being lulled to sleep by the Belgian parked up next door, who had a ginormous boom box with extra lights blasting out Bees Gees and Europop at full blast. When awaking the next morning to rain, we discovered two complete lost-its asleep under the van with a shopping trolley of possessions and their clothes drying on it. Time for a sharp exit towards sanity and definitely no pics of the carnage.

Definitely a road here somewhere??
Full moon mayhem at Barranco
watch out watch out
there’s a lost-it about

Back on a road, we headed 2km east and found Sun-drenched Salema and a parkup with toilets and a running tap such luxuries – whoop whoop. What a difference 2km can make.

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