Laid back in Lagos

Come on without
come on within
You ain’t seen nothing like the Mighty Quim!

This was the first time filling up LPG autogas, but with the help of a friendly Portuguese girl we managed to give Gurty with all she needed, we even worked out the correct regulator – bit scary but between the three of us we worked it out. Next stop Lidl and then beach!

Looking for a good park up on the edge of Lagos town, we stopped at Mia Praia and the aptly named Bar Quim. Not sure what the Portuguese translation is, but it made us giggle – not that it takes much.

We explored the beach, but not too far to the left – as that was the nudist beach and still being used, good going since it was the beginning of November. I got on my trusty bike and went for an explore along the cycle paths into Lagos. This bought back fond memories of a previous holiday with the fam. Lagos old town is gorgeous and well worth a visit.

Footbridge by the marinaBig boat
Lagos Marina
Big boat coming
Part of Castle walls
The Mayor’s gaff
Better than the fountains in Wessun
November sunshine

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