On a loop in Lagos

Stopping off a Lagos at our favourite stop – Bar Quim we pulled up for tea and cake. As we sat there there was a smell of petrol and testosterone as 12 Porches roared into the car park. The men (obviously) all got out, posed for pictures and kicked tyres (or willy waved at each other as I like to call it!) Pit stop over they wheel span out and off into the distance – thank goodness.

I spent a day cycling around Lagos looking for a replacement Gas washer for the hob in Gurty, it gave me a chance to familiarise myself with the area and also improve my linguistic and miming skills as I went into a Hardware store, Gas shop, Chandler and garage to source the broken part. No joy, but 5 minutes later on the Hymer nerd site and its in the post to our next destination – result. Nothing like a nerd to help you out.

It was time to leave Lagos and move onto to the next exciting adventure. Using Workaway we contacted a lovely lady looking for a house / dog sit. We had already met up a few times before to get to know each other and agree arrangements. So it looks like we have a house for Christmas. Not only that we have a functioning toilet, shower and running water. Pure luxury topped off with a lovely Wood burner for those ooh so chilly evenings – well 11 degrees.

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