2020 new year or new vision

She seems armless enough

2020 what a wonderful year and number I thought, until my glasses gave up and the arm fell off – oops. No amount of gaffa tape would keep the broken arm on, so freestyling it is until I can sort a replacement. More 10:10 vision now than 20:20

New Year and new things to do, Jutta and myself went to the local dog sanctuary for some puppy love. It is run by two English women who look after over 50 dogs and work hard to get them new homes. Portuguese people tend to either tie their dogs up, or just let them roam free in the countryside. I went in determined not to return with any dogs, the secret is to not look in their eyes. This was especially difficult when there were 3 gorgeous puppies and 1 of them did not have a new home. I managed to walk away – for now!

Between us we walked four different dogs around the local tracks. I was glad we didn’t get to chose which dogs to walk because they all wanted a walk, but we will return for more love.

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