Careful what you wish for

Look into my eyes

I landed in Portugal as the sun was setting and I was greeted by the heat and my lovely taxi driver. We put the world to rights on the journey back to Burgau, both agreeing that the only way out of this mess is peaceful direct action revolution. Up the workers!!!!!

It was dark when I finally arrived to my one true love – Gurty. I soon slept to awake to the glorious sunrise and took a deep breath of the clear fresh air. The first two days were spent acclimatising to the 34 degree heat. I soon realised I would need to sleep in my lower deck rather than my drop-down bed, which turned into a breathless sweatpit. Lying spreadeagled on the rear bed with all possible windows and draughts aligned I slept deeply.

It has been easy slipping back into Portuguese life and we heaed off to Cadela Carlota & Companhia rescue centre to walk some stray dogs as I had previously. This time was a bit different, due to the little munchkin above.

The day before Jutta and I had taken one of her dogs (Foxy) to the local vet as he had a cough. We bumped into Ludo, one of the owners from Cadela, who was there with a dog to be checked out. This poor mite had been on the streets of Lagos for 6 months after his Russian owner died. He was a bag of bones and you could feel all his ribs and spine. Once picked up, the dog (Manhunha) was checked over by the vets, who discovered he had a cyst on his spleen and he needed surgery as soon as possible.

So we arrive at the rescue centre to hear the most heart-breaking cries of Manhunha, alone in a kennel. Chatting to the workers there it transpired they were looking for a Foster home for him. Oh and did we know anyone who could help? The next thing i know we have bundled him into Juttas car and he has been convalescing with us ever since.

Well I say us, he actually is residing in Gurty and living the life of Riley, It took me 3 days to remember his name and pronounce it properly, whilst hand feeding him chicken. He then had his operation and then has been receiving more Gurty R&R. The intention is to look after him until he is well enough to be Adopted. Now I was thinking about getting a dog…..

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