Settling in nicely

Mwah to all

Here I am happily ensconced in Burgau, my home for the foreseeable future due to travel restrictions within Portugal. The GNR are hot on the case of Motorhome park-ups, having issed over 300 fines to campers parked near to beaches or within the National Park. This is the whole of the West coast from Sines and along to Burgau.

Social caring is in place and Face masks are required for indoor shops and bars, of which only a few are open. Even though it is the height of the tourist season, it is fairly quiet and the poor Portuguese children have to wear face masks on their return to school. There are very few Motorhomes around and these are mainly Portuguese or Spanish. I’ve only seen 2 GB plates so far, and they both looked like they had been here a while!

It is almost like a tourist season now, as it is the school holidays. Grockles appear, driving erratically in their hire cars, stopping in the middle of the road and zooming around like they own the place -:).

I have been busy looking for a new home for Manhunha as he is now almost fully recovered from his operation. We have taken him to local shops, bars and markets to show him off and get the word out that he needs a new home. Much as I love him, he needs a house to live in not a motorhome and he gets distressed if left in Gurty – howling at the moon and anything else!

I was very happy the other day when weighing myself with Manhunha to see how heavy he was. I weighed in at 65 kilos – result I thought, until I tried again and the real weight was revealed – 73 kg. Still not bad for an old bird! Being back in my natural surroundings in the heat of the summer, its spicy veg and fresh fruit on the menu – with a smattering of garlic prawns washed down with a chilled white wine – splendiferous.

Jutta has been showing me around the local area and we have spent some lovely times at different beaches from Cabelhas to Carrapatiera, and leisurely afternoons strolling around Lagos and Burgau.

I have also spent time caught up with my friends Alex and Bee, who I got to know on my last tour, and have the possibility of another place to park up whenever I want. Its good to start making some friends who have been in the area for a while, especially when we are all Women of a Certain Age so have a right laff!

Finally I have been investigating getting Portuguese residency and will be sorting this out in the next couple of weeks. Enough of Bollox Brexit.

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