Things I’ve learnt anew

Hanging around

Coming back to Burgau has given me the chance to assimilate further local knowledge.

  • There is a lot of wildlife here – especially the small sort.
    • Mosquitoes use me as a buffet bar and there is nothing worse than the sound of buzzzzzzz buzzzzzz in the middle of the night. I’ve now installed a mozzie net over my bed and the mornings are like a wildlife show trying to identify the bugs caught.
    • Teeny tiny ants are well organised militants who are basically a nose on legs. I watched them form a line along the outside of Gurty, up onto the roof and through the skylight heading directly for my chocolate biscuits well hidden in a cupboard. it was Antmeggedon.
    • Lizards and snakes move fast, I haven’t been able to capture a picture of a snake cos they move faster than I run.
  • Socially distanced music nights are challenging. If you are sat down inside no mask required, stand up and mask must be worn. Tables must be booked in advance – and no moving between tables to say hi to friends. Only music being played is slow blues by a lovely couple of sisters called Josephine and Catherine, but nothing too fast as no dancing or singing. Thank goodness I have my dancefloor in Gurty for my morning boogie
  • Kevin is the name used by Germans for a posh man! I have never heard of a posh man called Kevin, so there you go. We keep up with the Joneses, Germans have to keep up with Kevin.
  • I am learning German and Portuguese. My additional German vocabulary is mostly swearing -Arschloch!! for drivers / tourists, or terms of endearments for dogs – Süßer kleiner Mann.
  • Gardening in 30 degree heat is sweaty, but worthwhile. We now have growing: melons, peppers, tomatoes, passion fruit and figs. Delicious!
  • The charity shop has amazing English books and I sure go for an eclectic mix from Boadicea to Stephen Fry to disserations on Women Rage – all good educational stuff in their own way.
  • People are really friendly especially when you start the conversation with “Do you want a dog?” We have been taking Mahunha on a tour of places to show off his assets and advertise his availability. Which is how I ended up at a pop up cafe at a Sculptor’s property doing my best Salesperson’s act.

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