Finding my way

The last month has been so busy. I have been finding my feet and working out what is possible in this new world of ours. Watching the events unfold in the UK is slightly surreal, from the Burgau bubble.

Manhunha has moved onto to his new Swiss owners, Marlise and Anthony, a lovely Swiss couple. He has upgraded his accommodation to a lovely villa with beautiful grounds and air-conditioning! I feel good to know I have done a good thing in helping him recover and move onto a new home. I don’t miss him taking all my air in Gurty at night, but having him to talk to made me less of the crazy woman.

Now I have Gurty back to myself, she has been getting some Gurty love. New lights at the back and I’ve moved back into my bed in the cab, rather than at the back of Gurty as the weather is cooling to 25 degrees. There is a constant battle with the mozzies and flies, but at least the ants have admitted defeat.

I have found a contact who repairs / upgrades to motorhomes, so now am planning what needs to be done and in what order. On the list is:

  • More solar power, now the days are getting shorter there is less daylight and therefore less power, and I need to keep my wine cool!
  • Update the habitation electrics
  • A number of small repairs to keep Gurty in tiptop shape
    • Repair watertank lid / electrics
    • new hob – maybe
    • New taps in kitchen area and bathroom

Mechanically she is perfect, she starts first time and purrs when I take her out for day trips

I have spent the last 3 weeks house-sitting for Jutta, whilst she went back to Hamburg to visit family and friends. Sleeping in the house with the dogs meant I was sharing my bed and air with the hounds again, but we were all glad of the peace and quiet, now the Manhunha had gone. We had our first rain since February which was very welcome as it means less watering of the garden for me.

I have had the privilege of going to a couple of live gigs, with a very small audience and definitely NO DANCING / NO SINGING!!

There have been further restrictions introduced in Portugal, meaning bars have to close early and alcohol is only served with food. So no more gigs for a while but it was lovely while it lasted.

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