Summer of Fun

Notice handed in at work, emptying of house and getting ready to head off to Glastonbury Fair. After 25 years in the Corporate world it was no wrench leaving, more fear and excitment at what lay ahead.

One of the hardest parts was deciding what to pack in Gurty and what to leave behind. Which of my crystals should I take? What books to read and how will I fit it all in? In the end there was much stuffing of cupboards of useless stuff, that I didn’t know what else to do with and the rest distributed amongst friends and family.

Above shows a small selection of ‘my precious’ that made it. Including such delights as my ‘World’s Best Scotch Egg’ trophy, a chicken ceramic I made, Elephant bum from my visit to Thailand and the Rose quartz that threw itself out of the pot onto the floor one night – obviously!

First stop Glastonbury where I had signed up as a volunteer steward with Oxfam. Secure camping, on-site catering and clean toilets and showers, as well as the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life and ages.

I can’t recommend highly enough volunteering as a way of having the best festival experience ever, and the money you would have earned is donated to Oxfam, a win-win situation.

After Glastonbury it was one holiday after another, this time working and volunteering for the fabulous MyCauseUK. They are a Bristol based organisation run by the inspiring Rob. They have similar set-up to Oxfam, but the beauty is you can donate your earning to a charity of your choice. The charity of my choice is Penny Brohn.

Next stop France… whoop whoop!

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