Ship shape and Bristle fashion

The previous owners had taken great care of Gurty, having her front seats re-upholstered in Italian leather and new cream covers. For ‘pig-pen’ Clare this needed modifying to my colour schems and palette, that is colour – plenty of and clashing as much as possible. No square edges on me!

Covers duly dyed to lime cream and throws from Thailand were the first change and then I spent the winter making new curtains for her. Much better.

Thanks to the Classic Hymer group, I was able to locate Steve Elliott, Mobile Motorhome & Caravan repairs, in the Bristol area. He came and upgraded her to LPG gas for cooking and heating, installed a new awning, extra charge points for all my tech and, most important, carried out a habitation check. I now became obsessed with gadgets that charge from usb. From powers packs to torches.

The next stage was to get confident driving such a wide left hand drive vehicle. Does my bum look big in this? Absolutely.

With patience and guidance from the fabulous Sharon, we took Gurty out around Cheddar and Chew valley lakes for her first overnighter. Not one squeal from our Shar, just the mantra ‘In the gutter, in the gutter’ plus advice from Classic Hymerists to use the end of the driver windscreen wiper gauge the correct road position.

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