From the beginning..

This adventure started in October 2018 when I bought a very special lady into my life. A beautiful 1989 Peugeot Hymermobil who told me her name is ‘Gurty’. This comes from a Bristolian expression ‘ Gurt Lush’ meaning brilliant / amazing! She is a Left Hand drive and was delivered to my door, leaving meContinue reading “From the beginning..”

Ship shape and Bristle fashion

The previous owners had taken great care of Gurty, having her front seats re-upholstered in Italian leather and new cream covers. For ‘pig-pen’ Clare this needed modifying to my colour schems and palette, that is colour – plenty of and clashing as much as possible. No square edges on me! Covers duly dyed to limeContinue reading “Ship shape and Bristle fashion”